Arthur Luiz Piza

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1928 – 2017


Galeria Raquel Arnaud, 2008, São Paulo, Brazil

Galeria Raquel Arnaud, 2008, São Paulo, Brazil


In the 40’s Arthur Luiz Piza studied painting and fresco under Antonio Gomide. He undertook his study in engraving under Johnny Friedlaender in Paris, from 1953 onwards. Shortly after, he dedicated himself to watercolor and collage techniques. He organized solo exhibitions in Brazil and various countries, such as Japan, Equator, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Denmark and USA. 

He participated in numerous editions of the São Paulo Art Biennial (1951 and 1963) and the Paris Biennial (1961 and 1963). He took part in the Venice Biennial (1966) and the Documenta of Kassel (1959). He exhibited his work at the "Cinquante Ans de Collage" at the Museum of Art, in St. Etienne and Museum of Decorative Art, in Paris (1964) and at the Maeght Foundation with the exhibition “Art Vivant” (1968). His work could also be seen in various editions of the Cracow Biennial, (1964 and 1974); the International Engraving Exhibition of Ljubljana (1957 and 1981); and the Museum of Art in St. Etienne with the exhibition “Itinéraires Blancs”. In 1971, he participated in the “Graphik der Welt” exhibition, in Nuremberg; the Engraving Biennials of Norway (1972 and 2000); the Havana Biennial (1984 and 1986); the Grenchen Triennial (1958 and 1985); the San Juan Biennial (1970 and 2001) and in the exhibition called “ Peintres et Graveurs Français”, in Paris (1982 and 2002). He took part in various salons such as “Realités Nouvelles” in Paris (1960 and 1974), “Jeune Gravure Contemporaine” (1964 and 2002) and the “Salon de Mai”, in Paris (1964 and 2000). He participated in the Biennale Internazionale di Grafica de Vico (1990); the “Exposition Européene de Création” (1986); the Scenery of “l’École Française Contemporaine”, in Tel Aviv (1987); the Niort Biennial “Homage to Piza” (1989); the 5th Biennial of Contemporary Print in France (1991); “Latein Americanisher Kunst” in Germany (1990); the “Art d’Amérique Latine” exhibition (1911 and 1968) at the Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris (1992); in the Americas Triennial, Grenoble, France (1993) and in an additional exhibition at the Sakaide City Museum of Art, in Kawaga, Japan (1997). He was a participant also in the "Manufacture of Sèvres" exhibition at the Marseille Congress Palace (1974), in exhibitions at the Amos Andersons Museum in Helsinki (1974); at Hermitage, in St. Petersburg (1976); at the Nationalmuseum of Stockholm (1982) and at the Kunstindustmuseet of Oslo (1982). Raquel Arnaud has been representing Arthur Luiz Piza since 1973.