From November 9th 2017 to January 20th 2018

A wide range of techniques were tapped for Phototaxis: collage, assemblage and performance art, in all of which energies derived from light, fire, gravitational force and geometric impulsion were shaping Nunes' poetics. Imagination echoes these natural forces in industrial objects for the most part, as the exhibit's curator Ricardo Sardenberg remarks. Lampejos [Flashes] were produced by Nunes intervening directly, as in a solitary performance – the exhibition features a video of this action too – in which images of small short circuits were caught on paper. Sardenberg describes flashes caught on paper as "images of the bright light of an instant, or a fleeting idea, just as a system was collapsing."

The title of another series alludes to the period in which it was made: from January 3, 2017 through September 27, 2017. Folded sheets of paper were left out in daylight for nine months. Time's expansion determined the geometry and hues left on paper due to its being creased. Over an expanded period, the paper was taking in energy while wiping out that which was previously visible. "Nunes was directly intervening on sheets of paper mediated by the performance-act of inducing a short circuit for the work Lampejos [Flashes], his first intervention, whereas for his second he was coming from the opposite pole: repose, his denial of acting-intervening. Instead it was the sequential passage of time, one day after another, that completed this work," the exhibition curator added. 

Between the two works – Lampejos and 01/03/2017 and 09/27/2017 – the exhibition is developed into "actions that twist energy or the activity of working, the actual gerund, as the appropriate sculptural medium for Nunes's oeuvre". From the ash left by a burned ball of paper he created a geometric design; sheets of overlapping tracing paper that give rise to a gravitational geometric force field drawing alternately inward then outward from the paper; elastics are suspended and tensioned under the pressure of a glass sandwich; on a video screen, steel wool fastened to a ventilator motor traces phosphorescent shapes in the air. "Nunes is a sculptor who at times carves or hues the invisible stone of energy, leaving marks, objects and actions along the way," adds Sardenberg.

Carlos Nunes – Phototaxis

Opening: 7 pm, November 9, 2017

Exhibition: January 20, 2018


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