Shirley Paes Leme: RArear


O AR NÃO TEM LUGAR IV, 1984/2010, air conditioning filter and city smoke, 112 X 144 CM

In the exhibition "RareAr" at Raquel Arnaud Gallery, Shirley Paes Leme presents "São Paulo at night: Concrete Poem" and a set of works from the series "Residues of the city".

In “Resíduos da Cidade (City Residues),” which began in the 1980s and has been developed by the artist to this day, Shirley removes air conditioning filters from cars to make drawings and compositions. These accordion felt filters come to the artist dyed with various shades of gray, the result of the filtered smoke in the air passage. With a remover, part of these filters are worked, in a design made by removing this matter. In “São Paulo at Night: Concrete Poem”, 2014, three bookshelves full of books on various subjects are painted black. The only information that can be seen is a few words on the spines of the books, carefully chosen by the artist. So what is built is a skyline, a constant and similar mass, but full of singularities, such as cities.