Cassia Bomeny Gallery presents the exhibition of the plastic artist Daniel Feingold. There are twenty-four unpublished works, with eight paintings in synthetic enamel on canvas, which present their research on plot and structure, and sixteen oil paintings on paper, where the deconstructed structure gives rise to a new space of investigation, in a powerful expansion of his constructive research.

To make the paintings, Daniel Feingold does not use the traditional brush. In a technique developed by him in 2013, the painting is done by spilling the paints on the canvas. He puts it vertically and, through cans that he twists himself, creating nozzles of various sizes, spills the ink, which runs vertically across the canvas, forming straight lines. When dry, the artist turns the painting and repeats the procedure, resulting in several colored lines, with varying thicknesses, which intersect, overlap and intertwine. "It is not by chance, too, that Feingold has discarded the use of raw materials, tools and traditional techniques like oil, vinyl, acrylic, brushes or spatulas in the realization of his paintings, opting to use the synthetic enamel on a more full-bodied fabric and terbrim ', but not before creating in the metal packaging of the product a kind of channel that allows it to control the quantity of material to be released and, at the same time, to prevent it from being damaged by compromising the precision of its course - which is always the one of a fall - in the definition of the lines that cross the support from one end to another, "says Frederico Morais.


Opening: December 12th, at 6 p.m. 

Exhibition: December 12th to January 31, 2018


Galeria Cassia Bomeny 

Street Garcia D´Avila, 196 – Ipanema