Monumental sculpture by the artist José Pedro Croft, part of the exhibition "Saudade e Bússola", is inserted in the Berardo Collection Museum. The Berardo Collection, internationally recognized for the value of its reference works, allows a follow-up of the main artistic movements of the 20th century. The representation of more than seventy artistic tendencies, in a collection of more than nine hundred works, demonstrates the strong museological and didactic character of this collection. Not being a static collection - recent acquisitions allow both an update and the suppression of gaps - it still enables different and renewed readings on the state of contemporary art.

"The word 'Saudade' refers to the idea of 'melancholy', the absence, the inaccessibility, which becomes paradoxally present, implying also a suspended time. In a hectic world, this is a counterpoint of utmost interest." (José Pedro Croft)