Julio Villani at ArtMonte-Carlo 2017 - Carte Blanche

Julio Villani

Founded in 2009 by Sandra Hegedüs, SAM Art Projects is a non-profit organization aimed to encourage artistic exchanges between the North and the South, the East and the West. SAM Art Projects brings human and financial support to contemporary artists based in France or in countries located outside major art market locations. SAM’s actions are structured around a Prize: The Prix SAM for Contemporary Art, which awards each year a French artist, and several Residency Programs for foreign artists in Paris. These two axes give birth to regular exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris.

Under the invitation of ArtMonte-Carlo 2017, SAM Art Projects chose to give Carte Blanche to franco-Brazilian artist Julio Villani, one of the first to integrate Sandra’s collection.

“Étendoir d’émotions” can be read as a “broken book”: a mosaic of theoretic, emotional and geographic references - a cartography of multiple lines. Rambling through different countries and eras, its soft surfaces have been conceived to accumulate experiences and re-orientate themselves at every new step. As a skin doomed to reveal its own scars, they are meant to lastingly carry the artist's indelible marks.

The opening happens on the April 28th, from 16 until 21h, at Grimaldi Forum Monaco.



Grimaldi Forum Monaco

10, Avenue Princesse Grace

98000 Monaco

Opening April 28th, until 30th, from 12-20h.


For more, access www.artmontecarlo.ch.