The University of Fortaleza promotes the XIX Plastic Uniform, with the theme "A constellation for Sérvulo Esmeraldo", curated by Ivo Mesquita.

In this edition, the exhibition brings together artists from Ceará or residents of Ceará and other artists from the Northeast. Also present at the exhibition are works by Sérvulo Esmeraldo.

The following artists participated in the XIX Unifor Plástica: Sérvulo Esmeraldo, Eduardo Frota, José Guedes, José Albano, Carlos Macedo, Tiago Santana, Eduardo Eloy, Rafael Vilarouca, Icaro Lira, Cadeh Juaçaba, Márcio Távora, Jared Domício, Luiza Veras, Waleria Américo , Simone Barreto, Marco Ribeiro and Sabyne Cavalcanti and Rodrigo Frota.

Ivo Mesquita talks about the choice of artist Sérvulo Esmeraldo to be the theme of this exhibition. "For a professional from outside the region, it is remarkable the presence of the work and the figure of Sérvulo in the artistic environment of Ceará. I thought this would be a powerful tribute to him: have his work live contact with the productions of artists, his contemporaries, "explains Ivo.

"Sérvulo was an artist of many arts: sculpture, drawing, engraving, painting, design and graphics, with works ranging from absolute rigor in the conception of form to the freer and more playful spirit with the limits that it imposes on its plastic program, to his aesthetic project, always expanding and affirming the human dimension and transforming the creative and artistic experience, "says Mesquita.

The curator also talks about the selection of works for this show. "The exhibition approaches his work, linked to the Brazilian constructive / concrete tradition, with a group of works chosen to offer a perspective of the means used in the construction of the object, as well as the various stages and issues that started the production. On the other hand, the set of works provides encounters, provokes frictions, points differences or similarities, promoting punctual relations with the productions of 18 invited Ceará artists from different generations, working with supports and strategies that involve photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, video and installation. With this curatorial party, the exhibition seeks to build a panorama of the artistic production of Ceará around the central figure of Sérvulo Esmeraldo, "reports Ivo Mesquita.


XIX Plastic Uniform
"A constellation for Sérvulo Esmeraldo"

Opening: October 17, 2017, from 7:00 p.m.
Visitation: October 18, 2017 to January 28, 2018

Location: Espaço Cultural Unifor (Avenida Washington Soares, 1321, Bairro Edson Queiroz)
More information: +55 85 3477.3319