Curated by Daniel Rangel

In 2017, Fountain (1917), the iconic work of Marcel Duchamp, completes 100 years since being presented anonymously as an art object in the important New York Independent Artists' Hall. Years before, Duchamp had already introduced the concept of readymade to classify some of his works, whose proposal consisted in the appropriation of common objects, without a specific aesthetic value, as works of art, moved to the exhibition space. The readymade can be understood as a gesture, a tool or a Duchampian action, which seeks to question the current system of art itself, and for some theorists Fonte (1917) is the main turning point of the art produced up to the current days.

In the 1960s, from the concrete (pop) and neoconcrete, the readymade was introduced in Brazil and since then has been present in the production of all subsequent generations of artists, who often resort to the Duchampian procedure to perform their creations. The exhibition seeks to create a kind of timeline of this presence in different generations of artists from the insertion of historical and iconic works of different periods. It is a celebration of the centenary of Duchamp's icon, readymade, appropriation and the main Duchampian legacy for all who work in the midst of the arts: freedom.



October 10th, 2017 until January 28t, 2018

Daily from 10 am to 8 pm



Art Gallery

Avenida Paulista, 1313